Fees & Charges


Fees, Charges and Payments

How much does Fundraiseit.net charge?

Listing your Project on Fundraiseit.net is free. If a Project is successful in raisning funds, Fundraiseit.net charges a 5% commission on the total amount successfully fundraised. This will be used to continue to provide the Fund it service into the future.

Are there any other charges?

Yes, banking and payment charges apply. We have rounded these charges to 3% of the total amount raised, to cover the cost of our merchant bank, payment service provider and retail bank. So in total, successful projects will be charged 8% (5% + 3%) of the total amount raised.

Payments to Projects

Payment will be made by cheque to the projects within 7 days of the end of the campaign. Cheques will not be made payable to individuals only to schools and organisations with a bank account in their name.