How to List Your Project

Find out how to make your Crowdfunding Project a success

How to List Your Project

Listing your project is very easy. Simply create an account on by submitting your name and email address and selecting a password. If you wish you can use your Facebook or Google account to register.

Select Your Project Title

The project title should be kept short; we recommend include the location of your project in the title.

Choose the duration of your Fundraising Campaign

Select a Project duration of how long you would like to have the Project live on the website. You can select any multiple of days up to 59.

Select the target amount

Carefully consider how much money you need to raise to allow you to make your project a success. Remember that credit/debit card charges are 3% and Fund it takes a 5% commission to allow us to provide this service in the future – a total of 8% of the total amount raised.

Provide a brief description

This is the short description that is shown on your project summary if it appears on the Homepage, search results or in any of the categories listed. This field is limited to 180 characters.

Provide a more detailed description

You more space in this field to fully describe your project, why you are doing it, why you are passionate about it, and everything else.

In this section, you should if applicable, describe how the money raised will be used.

Upload your image / video

All projects must have at least an image. This image will be used on your project summary if it appears on the Homepage, search results or in any of the categories listed.

In order that your image looks well, please provide a square image. The ideal size is 500×500 pixels, and the image should not exceed 1Mb.

We don’t stipulate that you provide a video, but we do highly recommend it. Our research has shown that when Project Creators demonstrate their passion for what they want to do, it is a much more powerful message to potential Funders.

It doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot of money to produce a video; most people these days have access to smart phones. In this instance, a ‘home-made’ feel is good!

Your video should tell us about you and your project, why you want to do it, and why you are passionate about it.

When we developed our website, we made it work really well with Vimeo, so we would recommend that you follow some great guidelines on how to make a video on, including some great advice on the use of light, sound and editing.

We recommend keeping the video to a maximum of 2 minutes.

Add any rewards that you would like to offer your sponsors

This could be anything from sending a simple thank you email to every sponsor to naming a school building after the single largest sponsor. This really depends on the nature of your fundraising project. You do not have to offer rewards but sometimes this helps to generate good will.

Contact Number

Please provide a contact number in case we need to get in touch to discuss your Project with you.