Ferndale Middle School, Sheffield - Study Carrels

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A campaign by andreas Lichters
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Ferndale Middle School, Sheffield - Study Carrels

Our Cause

The 3rd- 5th grade teachers at Ferndale Middle School want to buy our students study carrels for testing and independent work time. We are hoping to have them in time for our state assessment, the TCAP. The TCAP is crucial to our students' success and can determine their promotion to the next grade.

Study Carrels provide a private, distraction-free environment where students can focus on the task at hand. We know that this purchase will be an invaluable tool for our students during annual state assessments as well as throughout the year. They also assist teachers in confirming that data collected from weekly tests are accurate to the student's ability, which ensures maximum planning.

If we don't meet our goal, we will use the investments towards...

In any classroom, teachers must often provide materials for their students with our own money. As stated above, we believe that these study carrels are so important to our students' success that if our goal is not met, we will still purchase them using what is raised and money from our own pockets.